1. What should I wear to class?

We don’t have a dress or “color code.” Footgear is important. Close-fitting clothes needed for ballet and jazz so instructor can assess body positions correctly.

Ballet: Leotard and pink tights are preferred for women, but black tights are OK, as are any close-fitting leggings and top. Ballet wrap skirts are OK but not necessary. Men wear black tights or close-fitting exercise pants and a t-shirt. Soft ballet slippers needed (you can “try out “ a class in bare feet or socks, but slippers will be needed).

Jazz: Close-fitting leggings and top. Bare feet OK, jazz slippers if you prefer.

2. When does the next session start  up and how do I register?

Our classes run pretty much continuously all year round. You can start any time; call 413-584-8521 or email moc.loohcsecnadaennull@ofni for confirmation of schedule.  We don’t have an elaborate registration process, just a simple address card and release to sign. Come 10-15 minutes prior to first class to introduce yourself and meet the instructor.

3. Can I watch a class to see if it’s for me?

You can, but we think it’s hard to tell much just by watching and that it’s better for you and for the students already in the class if you actually take the class. You are welcome to pay for just one class, and if you decide you like it and want to come regularly, the one-class fee can be applied toward a multi-class card (which gives you a discount). If it’s not your thing, there’s no obligation.

4. I’ve never danced before, which class should I take?

None of our classes are traditional “beginner” classes, but the intermediate and mixed level classes can be quite basic. There is no pressure to “perform” or “keep up,” and questions are welcome. We are friendly, helpful, noncompetitive, and nonjudgmental. No harm in trying!

5. I used to dance but haven’t danced in years and/or am out of shape, which class should I take?

Many of our dancers are/were in this position—that’s part of why we’re here. We don’t think you should quit dancing just because you graduated from high school or college! With a little perseverance, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it all comes together. See Question 4 for a little more info.

6. I do sports and can only come to dance classes for a few months a year, is that OK?

Yes, our classes and payment options are flexible. The classes are for you and your lifestyle. We do like to emphasize that dance is highly beneficial for most athletes, as it enhances balance, speed, flexibility, and mental acuity. Studies have shown that high school and college athletes who include ballet barre exercises in their regimen have statistically fewer serious sports-related injuries. And yes, this means men too–there’s a reason many football players do so well on “Dancing with the Stars”!

7. Does the school do performances?

In recent years it has not been  feasible to stage recitals or performances, given our largely adult student base. We sometimes prepare a single piece (or two) to be performed in conjunction with another group, or as an open for-friends-and-family  exhibition in our studio.

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