About Our Classes

The school offers quality instruction in a noncompetitive environment. We love dance and believe the art can be enjoyed for a lifetime. In keeping with this tradition, we have the most dynamic adult program in the Pioneer Valley.

BALLET  (older teens and adults): The  Advanced class assumes a background (usually several years) of ballet and a knowledge of ballet terminology, barre exercises, and basic center work, but “performance” level dancing is not necessary. Intermediate is similar to advanced but combinations are less complex. Basic and mixed level classes allow for more detailed explanation and learning new movements (or remembering movements for those who have not danced in a while). Mixed level classes will vary based on attendance, email or call to inquire which class is the best fit for you.

MODERN JAZZ (adults): Jazz classes are taught at a basic, fairly slow but strenuous level. Classes emphasize floorwork and strength. The class uses modern dance techniques and the sensuous jazz movement methods and style of Broadway choreographer Jack Cole.


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